Enabling “reading mode” on your website

Many modern browsers nowadays have a sort of “reading mode”, which, when activated, will attempt to automatically extract content from a page and present it to the user in a more reader-friendly environment. In Firefox, this is called “Reader View”, and can be found as a little book icon in the URL bar or under

Creating a 2D multiplayer game in Python

I have begun work on the creation of a simple 2D LAN-based multiplayer game with Python. I decided to log my progress as I go in a series of articles, partly for my own future reference, and partly for anyone else who is taking on a similar endeavour for the first time and is looking

Matura Project: Elliptic Curves

In this document I explore the mathematical peculiarities of modular arithmetic and Elliptic Curves, and then move on to their representation with the programming language Python. Elliptic Curves are a class of mathematical curves with a very peculiar property: any non-vertical line that intersects an Elliptic Curve in one point, also has two other intersection