About Sean Bone

I am currently a student of Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Z├╝rich, where I arrived in 2017. My main interests are coding, space exploration and AI.

I began coding back in 2009, when I started making websites: I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and many techniques like SEO and AJAX. True to Richard Feynman’s parting words, “What I cannot create I do not understand”, as well as my father’s favourite motto “never the easy way”, I made sure to never use a tool I had never built myself before. That’s why I didn’t make my website using WordPress until I had made a dozen fully functional websites from scratch, including forums, blogs, an online shop and even a basic Content-Management System. This kind of grass-roots approach has always been a guiding principle in everything I learn and study.

Later on I began branching out into more “traditional” programming, learning Python in high school. I made a simple videogame with my friends, and used Python in my matura project. This is also the time when I decided to study Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at ETH – it is for me the perfect mix of programming, mathematics, and applications in the natural sciences and engineering.

At ETH I received my first “formal” programming education, in C++. I found the courses I enjoyed most were related to programming and algorithms: Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming Techniques for Scientific Simulations, Physically-Based Simulation for Computer Graphics, Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control, High-Performance Computing. I developed an interest in machine learning techniques, and decided I’d try to marry that with my ever-present passion for space exploration.

This site is where I deposit everything and anything I might find useful for future reference. Past projects, exam summaries from lectures I took at ETH, tips&tricks, reference sheets – it’s all there.

Hey, look, even my CV is here!